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Bio Peru

As one of the regions of origin of the cacao tree, Peru has a natural, almost inexhaustible wealth of different cacao varieties, often of outstanding flavour quality. The partner cooperatives selected by us mainly comprise smallholder producers who continually expand their knowledge through training in the areas of cultivation, fermentation, drying and quality control on a regular basis. The work in the cooperatives serves to strengthen the smallholders ’ rights and improve their working conditions. They are also engaged in projects for the advancement of women, educational opportunities for children and young people, as well as measures to preserve nature and the environment.

Through fair pay and trust-based, long-lasting trade relationships, we make a valuable contribution to supporting an entire region. Soil-conserving agroforestry systems are in place, in which predominantly indigenous cacao varieties are used. These are optimally adapted to the existing conditions on the ground.

Combined with the existing expert knowledge on professional fermentation and drying, these fine flavour cacao varieties produce an impressive fine flavour cacao with a delicate and distinctly fruity note.

We offer you this extraordinary taste experience through our organic Peru chocolate couvertures:

Art. no. 789 Organic Peru Finest dark chocolate couverture 70%

Art. no. 788 Organic Peru Finest dark chocolate couverture 60%