Lubeca chocolate couvertures

Perfection in flavour

Taste, melting and appearance in perfection – the chocolate couvertures from Lubeca keep their promise. The acknowledged excellent quality is characterised by know-how in the selection of ingredients and the production processes that has grown over decades.

Well selected cocoa varieties from the best cultivation regions in South America, Africa and the Caribbean are mixed together with other raw materials such as cocoa butter, whole milk powder, sugar and vanilla extract. These are weighed through a computer-controlled process and added to production batches in line with the recipe, then homogenised in the mixer. Fine rolling operations on two- and five-roll mills result in a grain fineness of about 16 thousandths of a millimetre, thus delivering the well-loved melt-in-the-mouth texture of Lubeca couvertures.

The long conching process – intensive mixing, aeration and stirring – undesirable flavourings such as acids evaporate. After being poured into 2.5 kg or chip moulds, the couvertures are run through a cooling tunnel. Once they have been removed from the bar or chip moulds, they are mechanically packaged. The production is carried out on state-of-the-art equipment and guarantees a high level of product safety.


Dark Chocolate Couverture

ItemProduct DescriptionProductContentsPackage
721Dark chocolate couverture Ivory Coast 55 %IVORY COAST 55 %55/45/341 x 10 kg Chips / 12,5 kg
722Dark chocolate couverture Ivory Coast 60 %IVORY COAST 60%60/40/394 x 2,5 kg+1 x 10 kg Chips / 12,5 kg
723Dark chocolate couverture Ivory Coast SRIVORY COAST SR60/40/4212,5 kg
727Dark chocolate couverture GhanaFEHMARN60/40/394 x 2,5 kg+1 x 10 kg Chips / 12,5 kg
729Dark chocolate couverture GhanaDAHME60/40/421 x 10 kg Chips / 12,5 kg
735Dark chocolate couverture GhanaSTOCKELSDORF65/35/4112,5 kg
742Dark chocolate couverture GhanaPLÖN70/30/451 x 10 kg Chips / 12,5 kg
745Dark chocolate couverture Ghana 85 %GHANA 85 %85/15/504 x 2,5 kg Chips

Finest Dark Chocolate Couverture

ItemProduct DescriptionProductContentsPackage
750Finest dark chocolate couverture 60%TRAVEMÜNDE60/40/404 x 2,5 kg Chips / 12,5 kg
752Finest dark chocolate couverture 70%RATZEBURG70/30/424 x 2,5 kg Chips / 12,5 kg

Milk Chocolate Couverture

ItemProduct DescriptionProductContentsPackage
758Finest milk chocolate couvertureTIMMENDORF42/394 x 2,5 kg Chips / 12,5 kg
759Finest milk chocolate couvertureRÜGEN40/404 x 2,5 kg Chips / 12,5 kg
760Finest milk chocolate couvertureGRÖMITZ38/384 x 2,5 kg+1 x 10 kg Chips / 12,5 kg
765Finest milk chocolate couvertureMALENTE38/414 x 2,5 kg Chips / 12,5 kg
761Milk chocolate couverture GhanaGHANA SELECTION43/404 x 2,5 kg Chips / 12,5 kg
771Milk chocolate couverture 35%IVORY COAST 35%35/361 x 10 kg Chips
818Milk chocolate couverture caramel 33%CARAMEL 33% CHIPS33/374 x 2,5 kg Chips

Pure Origin Chocolate Couverture

ItemProduct DescriptionProductContentsPackage
753Arriba Finest dark chocolate couverture 63%ARRIBA 63 %63/37/404 x 2,5 kg Chips
754Venezuela Finest dark chocolate couverture 67%VENEZUELA 67 %67/33/414 x 2,5 kg Chips
755Trinidad Finest dark chocolate couverture 72%TRINIDAD 72 %72/28/424 x 2,5 kg Chips
767Venezuela Finest milk chocolate couverture 47%VENEZUELA 47%47/414 x 2,5 kg Chips

White Chocolate

ItemProduct DescriptionProductContentsPackage
773White Chocolate 29%WEISSE 29%29/361 x 10 kg Chips
776White Chocolate 33%WEISSE 33%33/39,54 x 2,5 kg+1 x 10 kg Chips / 12,5 kg

Chocolate couvertures for ice cream enrobing

ItemProduct DescriptionProductContentsPackage
823White chocolate iceICE CHOC WHITE38/501 x 10 kg Chips
825Milk chocolate couverture iceICE CHOC MILK41/451 x 10 kg Chips
826Dark chocolate couverture iceICE CHOC DARK54/39/451 x 10 kg Chips

Organic Chocolate Couverture

ItemProduct DescriptionProductContentsPackage
788Finest organic dark chocolate couverture Peru 60%BIO PERU 60%60/40/4212,5 kg
789Finest organic dark chocolate couverture Peru 70%BIO PERU 70%70/30/454 x 2,5 kg Chips / 12,5 kg
769Finest organic dark chocolate couverture Peru 41%BIO PERU VM 41%41/414 x 2,5 kg Chips / 12,5 kg
779Organic white chocolate 38%BIO WEISS38/43,54 x 2,5 kg Chips / 12,5 kg

Cocoa mass / Cocoa butter

ItemProduct DescriptionProductContentsPackage
775Cocoa massKAKAOMASSE100 % cocoa mass4 kg
777Cocoa butter chipsKAKAOBUTTER100 % cocoa butter4 x 2 kg Chips


Our 12.5 kg bundles contain 5 x 2.5 kg individually wrapped bars.
The cocoa ingredients used can be registered according to the Fairtrade Certification Program for Cocoa or the Rainforest Alliance Cocoa Mass Balance Programme.