Nougat from Lubeca

Melt-in-the-mouth delight

Nowadays, hazelnut nougat, like almond nougat, is a speciality that has become indispensable in cake making and the confectionery market. Achieving the best quality when producing these delicate nougat masses demands a difficult process. Nougat production at Lubeca demonstrates this every day.

The nougat variations are based on hazelnut or almond paste, which we produce every single day using freshly roasted hazelnuts or almonds. Depending on the type of nougat and the desired degree of roasting, the dried nuts are roasted light to dark brown and ground into paste using special mills. The roasting time and temperature are important factors in achieving the particular specified degree of roasting.

Modern fine grinding processes are what give the nougat its delicate melt-in-the-mouth texture. Sugar, couverture and cocoa butter, as well as milk and cream powder, if necessary, are weighed in a computer-controlled process in line with the respective recipe. Modern tempering machines are used to pour the ingredients into buckets or cartons, allowing us to produce nougat with the desired consistency and firmness.

Our nougat is not to be confused with other confectionery products that also use the term “nougat” or similar names: white nougat (mousse with whipped egg whites), nougat de Montélimar (France), turrón or torrone or nougatine (almond brittle from France).

Nougat production

Almond Praline Paste, Almond Nougat

ItemProduct DescriptionProductContentsPackage
260Almond praline paste lightly roastedMNH44 % almonds12,5 kg
259Almond praline paste lightly roasted supremeMNHX50 % almonds12,5 kg
261Almond praline paste strongly roastedMND42 % almonds12,5 kg
270Almond praline paste extra strongly roastedMBN50 % almonds12,5 kg

Hazelnut Praline Paste, Hazelnut Nougat

ItemProduct DescriptionProductContentsPackage
279Hazelnut praline paste supremeNNXX50 % hazelnuts12,5 kg
281Hazelnut praline paste lightly roastedNNHX41 % hazelnuts12,5 kg / 2,5 kg
280Hazelnut praline paste strongly roastedNNDX38 % hazelnuts12,5 kg
282Hazelnut praline paste 30%NND 30%30% hazelnuts12,5 kg
288Hazelnut praline paste extra strongly roastedNBN47 % hazelnuts12,5 kg
285Hazelnut praline paste sliceableNNS38 % hazelnuts12,5 kg / 2,5 kg
286Hazelnut praline paste with whole hazelnutsNG50 % hazelnuts2,5 kg
287Hazelnut praline paste with light and dark layersSCHN40 % hazelnuts2,5 kg

Gianduja Hazelnut Chocolate

ItemProduct DescriptionProductContentsPackage
315Gianduia hazelnut milkGIANDUJA MILCH20 % hazelnuts12,5 kg

Cream Praline Paste, Cream-Nougat

ItemProduct DescriptionProductContentsPackage
291Cream praline paste (cream nougat)SN35 % hazelnuts / 14 % cream powder12,5 kg / 2,5 kg

Butter Hazelnut Nougat

ItemProduct DescriptionProductContentsPackage
319Butter Hazelnut NougatBN / SG26 % hazelnuts6 kg

Praline Mass

ItemProduct DescriptionProductContentsPackage
273Hazelnut praline paste strongly roasted liquid 50%NNDF50 % hazelnuts6 kg
274Hazelnut almond praline liquid 60%NMNF30 % hazelnuts / 30 % almonds6 kg
271Praline mass almondMAP60 % almonds6 kg
352Praline mass hazelnutHAP60 % hazelnuts6 kg

Pure Hazelnut Paste

ItemProduct DescriptionProductContentsPackage
360Pure hazelnut paste / SG / SGHM HERB FEIN / SG98 % hazelnuts10 kg
265Almond pasteMDLM100 % almond10 kg

Organic Praline Paste, Organic Nougat

ItemProduct DescriptionProductContentsPackage
330Organic almond praline paste lightly roastedMNH BIO44 % almonds12,5 kg / 2,5 kg
331Organic hazelnut praline paste strongly roastedNNDX BIO40% hazelnuts12,5 kg / 2,5 kg

Bake-stable hazelnut praline paste

ItemProduct DescriptionProductContentsPackage
283Hazelnut praline paste drops bake-stableNOUGAT-DROPS20 % hazelnuts5 kg
284Hazelnut praline paste bake-stable / SGNNB / SG45 % hazelnuts12 kg

Hazelnut Praline Cream

ItemProduct DescriptionProductContentsPackage
390Hazelnut praline cream / SG / SGNCR / SG20 % hazelnuts12 kg
391Chocolate nut cream / SG / SGSNC / SG10 % hazelnuts6 kg