Our promise

Trust is good, control is better

In marzipan and nougat pastes, chocolate couvertures as well as almond and hazelnut preparations, we offer the highest product quality and are the leader from our customers’ point of view. The essential characteristics of this product quality include flavour, smell, colour and shelf life. However, product safety, which is guaranteed by a HACCP system*, is also of considerable importance. Within the framework of the HACCP system, hygiene, cleanliness and tidiness are binding requirements for all employees.

*Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point

The entire manufacturing process is monitored by our quality assurance department. We use metal detection systems and X-ray scanners with a range of detection technologies to detect foreign bodies and defective products, which are then reliably and automatically rejected. Microbiological tests to screen all relevant germs and sensory tests to detect deviations in flavour are additionally carried out on a continuous basis.