Welcome to Lubeca

Welcome to the leading manufacturer of marzipan pastes, nougat pastes, chocolate couvertures as well as almond and hazelnut preparations as semi-finished products for further processing.

We provide these goods to confectioners and bakers, chocolatiers, pâtissiers and companies in the confectionery and bakery industry in over 60 countries around the world. Our profits are put towards the common good in the Lübeck area through our sole shareholder: the non-profit Friedrich Bluhme and Else Jebsen Foundation.

High-quality marzipan

a strong tradition at Lubeca

Operating under the brand name Lubeca, Lübecker Marzipan-Fabrik v. Minden & Bruhns GmbH & Co. KG is a traditional medium-sized company. It currently has a headcount of 230 and exports to over 60 countries. The high quality of our products has been appreciated by customers at home and abroad ever since the company was founded in 1904.

As the company’s main product group, our marzipan products boast special quality based on the traditional method we use in their production. Lubeca chocolate couvertures and nougat are characterised by excellent flavour and a delicate melt-in-the-mouth texture. Even the most demanding artisan customers recognise the quality of Lubeca’s almond preparations and hazelnut preparations, made from the best raw materials.


for the region

Lübecker Marzipan-Fabrik is 100% owned by the Friedrich Bluhme and Else Jebsen Foundation. Company owner Friedrich Bluhme Jebsen established the foundation shortly before his death in 1960 to ensure the successful continuation of his life’s work without outside influence.

The purpose of the foundation is to promote charitable, non-profit, ecclesiastical and cultural causes in the Lübeck region through the company proceeds.

  1. Felix Bruhns Wilhelm Beth Henning von Minden

    The beginning

    Founding by Felix Bruhns, Wilhelm Beth and Henning von Minden
  2. Blanching in the steam boiler

    Almonds skins are removed by heating in hot steam kettles
  3. A piece of history

    A beautiful bill from 1908 – bearing the city goddess Lubeca on the letterhead
  4. Raw materials warehouse

    Early quality management: The raw almonds are received and checked in our raw goods warehouse.
  5. Friedrich Bluhme Jebsen

    Friedrich Bluhme Jebsen

    Friedrich Bluhme Jebsen joins the company. He becomes the sole owner in 1917.
  6. Finished goods warehouse

    Lubeca already exports to many countries around the globe and maintains a large stock.
  7. Handverlesung bei Lubeca


    Our quality standard for over 100 years: Hand-picked almonds
  8. Granitwalzwerke

    Granite rolling

    Fine rolling using granite rolling mills. The tradition is upheld to this day.
  9. Enamel advertising sign

    “Take Lubeca marzipan only ”, that was true in the past and still is to this day.
  10. A Lubeca picture book

    “Strömt herbei, ihr Kinderscharen” `{`Gather round, my children`}` – a children`s book about marzipan by well-known Lübeck artist and comedian director Ernst Albert dating from 1925.
  11. Lubeca Marzipan Kontor


    Staff in the office. Personal consultation and order taking
  12. Mandeln Rösten bei Lubeca 1920

    Roasting kettle

    This is what makes Lubeca marzipan so incomparable: Roasting in open copper kettles.
  13. The 1930 Bakery Trade Fair in Kiel

    The Lubeca stand at the 1930 Bakery Trade Fair in Kiel. The trade fair novelty: Ring-free marzipan.
  14. 1911 Lubeca Lager


    Team spirit prevails at Lubeca in 1935 – between man and beast too.
  15. Lubeca LKW

    A truck

    Lubeca is successful and growing. Deliveries are made by the company's own lorries.
  16. Order books of the 40s

    Stylish witnesses of a successful era without computers.
  17. Lubeca on the road to success

    Lubeca has numerous representatives in Germany and delivers almost worldwide.
  18. The 60s

    View of Lubeca Marzipanfabrik around 1960
  19. The 70s

    View of Lubeca Marzipanfabrik around 1970. Each decade has its definition of modernity.
  20. More space for good products

    Lubeca expands and lays the foundation stone for the new building in Stockelsdorf.
  21. Modern production at the Stockelsdorf site

    Lubeca flourishes at its new headquarters in Stockelsdorf.
  22. 100 Jahre Lubeca

    Lubeca marks its centenary

    Lubeca celebrates a dignified anniversary on 30/04/2004, attended by 250 guests from
    Germany and abroad.
  23. Hochregallager

    The fully automated high-bay warehouse

    Commissioning of the temperature-controlled high-bay warehouse operated with automatic loading and unloading equipment.
  24. Lubeca today

    The modern Lubeca marzipan factory