Almond and hazelnut preparations

Quality that can be seen

Uniform almond slivers without broken tips, large planed hazelnut and almond slices with little breakage, hand-picked halved almonds for decoration – our preparations are of the highest quality, as our customers confirm time and again. Calibrated almonds and hazelnut kernels of selected provenance are the raw materials we use. Only nuts from these provenances in defined sizes (e.g. “Nonpareil” Californian almonds or hazelnuts from the Black Sea coast measuring 13-15 mm each) are considered for production.

Our almonds are sliced very finely (0.45 mm). Thus, not only are they visually of the best quality, they also offer a high yield when topping sweet and baked goods. Furthermore, the intensive almond flavour is enhanced by the large surface area.

Natural and Processed Almonds

ItemProduct DescriptionProductPackage
410Blanched almondsM SCHAEL12,5 kg / 5 x 1 kg
411Almonds halvesM HALB12,5 kg / 5 x 1 kg
414Slivered almonds standardM SPLIT ST12,5 kg / 5 x 1 kg
415Sliced almonds (0,45 mm)M HOB12,5 kg / 5 x 1 kg
418Sliced almonds small (1,5 mm - 3 mm)M HACK F12,5 kg
419Sliced almonds medium (2,5 mm - 4,5 mm)M HACK M12,5 kg / 5 x 1 kg
420Sliced almonds large (4 mm - 6 mm)M HACK G12,5 kg
421Almond flakesM RASPEL12,5 kg
422Slivered almonds extra smallM KLEINSPL12,5 kg
423Almond mealM GRIESS12,5 kg / 5 x 1 kg
406Meal from natural almondsM GRIESS DKL12,5 kg
425Almond dust fineM ST FEIN12,5 kg
440Almonds roasted blanchedMROE SCHAEL12,5 kg
441Almonds roasted splitMROE HALBs12,5 kg
444Almonds roasted slivered standardMROE SPLIT ST12,5 kg
448Almonds roasted diced fineMROE HACK F12,5 kg
449Almonds roasted diced mediumMROE HACK M12,5 kg
926Natural Californian almonds (unselected)ROHE MDL CALIF12,5 kg
929Blanched Californian almondsBLANCH M CAL12,5 kg
930Natural Californian decoration almonds supreme (handselected)DEKO MDL ROH5 x 1 kg

Natural and Processed Hazelnuts

ItemProduct DescriptionProductPackage
460Blanched hazelnutsHK SCHAEL12,5 kg / 5 x 1 kg
461Sliced hazelnuts (1 mm)HK HOB12,5 kg / 5 x 1 kg
463Diced hazelnuts (2,5 - 4,5 mm)HK HACK M12,5 kg / 5 x 1 kg
467Meal from blanched hazelnutsHK GRIESS HLL12,5 kg / 5 x 1 kg
468Meal from natural hazelnutsHK GRIESS DKL12,5 kg
475Hazelnut kernels roasted blanchedHKROE SCHAEL12,5 kg
478Hazelnut kernels roasted diced mediumHKROE HACK M12,5 kg
482Meal from hazelnuts roastedHKROE GRIESS12,5 kg
937Natural Turkish hazelnuts (13 - 15 mm)ROHE HK 13-1520 kg
941Natural Turkish hazelnuts (11 - 13 mm)ROHE HK 11-1320 kg

Other Products

ItemProduct DescriptionProductPackage
793Hazelnut croquant 40KROKANT 40%6 kg (6 x 1 kg)
940Pistachio kernelsPK SCHAEL1 kg