Marzipan paste from Lubeca

Manufacturing with tradition

It is one of the production methods that bring tradition and quality into harmony: the roasting kettle method. The marzipan mass is roasted in open, rotating copper roasting kettles. This process gives the marzipan its unmistakable taste. And: The Lübeck Marzipan Factory is one of the few marzipan manufacturers who use this process and thus achieve the uniqueness of their marzipan. But before the marzipan mass is created, the raw brown almonds must of course be processed. They are cleaned and then scalded with hot water so that the dissolved brown seed skin can be removed. Optical procedures help to sort out almonds that do not meet our high standards, and in addition, several trained employees remove any remaining almonds by hand.

Of course, every marzipan production includes a recipe. This recipe, which is subject to strict rules, is stored in the computer-controlled production system. According to this recipe, the almonds are automatically weighed, pre-crushed and mixed with sugar and water.

Only then is the more than 100-year-old tradition applied, according to which the pre-crushed mass is finely rolled over two pairs of ground, counter-rotating granite rollers. The granite rollers give the marzipan a slightly fibrous structure for the right “bite”.

The mass is then heated in the open rotating copper roasting kettles. Experienced roasting masters guarantee an even roasting of the marzipan paste according to quality. After roasting, the marzipan paste is cooled, shaped into 12.5 kg blocks and other packaging units and wrapped in foil. The packed blocks are cooled down in a refrigerated warehouse in a few hours so that the valuable almond flavour is not lost by cooling too slowly with prolonged exposure to temperature.

The product quality during production is also monitored from a microbiological point of view by a well-equipped quality laboratory.

Marzipan production

Marzipan / Almond-Paste

ItemProduct DescriptionProductContentsPackage
007Marzipan from Mediterranean almonds redM0 MM RED*52 % almonds / 35 % sugar5 x 1 kg
009Marzipan almond paste 0 from Mediterranean almonds RM0 MM R*52 % almonds / 35 % sugar15 x 0,2 kg
011Lubeca Marzipan Classic SupremeLMCS*58 % almonds / 30 % sugar12,5 kg
013Marzipan raw paste 0 from Mediterranean almonds KM0 MM K*52 % almonds / 35 % sugar12,5 kg
014Marzipan almond paste 0 from Mediterranean almonds AM0 MM A*52 % almonds / 35 % sugar12,5 kg / 5 x 1 kg
031Marzipan almond paste 0 from Californian almonds AM0 CAL A*52 % almonds / 35 % sugar12,5 kg / 5 x 1 kg
054Marzipan almond paste I from Californian almonds KMI CAL K*52 % almonds / 35 % sugar12,5 kg
057Marzipan almond paste I from Californian almonds AMI CAL A*52 % almonds / 35 % sugar12,5 kg / 5 x 1 kg
080Pistachio Marzipan almond paste KPM K*43 % almonds / 9 % Pistazien / 35 % sugar12,5 kg
083Pistachio Marzipan almond paste APM A*43 % almonds / 9 % Pistazien / 35 % sugar5 x 1 kg


ItemProduct DescriptionProductContentsPackage
100Lubeca Premium-MarzipanLMDG*44 % almonds / 46 % sugar12,5 kg / 5 x 1 kg
114Marzipan 1:1 from Californian almonds K**M0 1:1 CAL26 % almonds / 67,5 % sugar12,5 kg
115Marzipan 26% from Californian almondsM0 1:1 CAL26 % almonds / 67,5 % sugar12,5 kg / 5 x 1 kg
116Marzipan 26% from Mediterranean almondsM0 1:1 MM35 % almonds / 57 % sugar12,5 kg
118Marzipan 35% from Mediterranean almondsM0 2:1 MM INV35 % almonds / 57 % sugar12,5 kg / 5 x 1 kg
119Marzipan 2:1 from Mediterranean almondsM0 2:135 % almonds / 57 % sugar12,5 kg
122Marzipan 37% from Californian almondsM0 7:3 CAL*37 % almonds / 54,5 % sugar12,5 kg
124Lübecker Marzipan (3:1)M0 3:1 MM*39 % almonds / 52 % sugar12,5 kg
136Lübecker Edelmarzipan with invertaseM0 9:1 MM INV*47 % almonds / 41,5 % sugar12,5 kg
138Lübecker EdelmarzipanM 60/40*50 % almonds / 40 % sugar12,5 kg

Persipan Kernel Paste

ItemProduct DescriptionProductContentsPackage
200Persipan kernel pasteP50 % apricot kernels / 35 % sugar12,5 kg / 5 x 1 kg
214Persipan DSP DS53 % apricot kernels / 1% almonds / 32 % sugar12,5 kg
215Danish MarzipanROAM DK A40 % apricot kernels / 18% almonds / 26 % sugar12,5 kg

Hazelnut paste

ItemProduct DescriptionProductContentsPackage
225Hazelnut paste special ANMSP A52 % hazelnuts / 35 % sugar5 x 1 kg

Baking pastes

ItemProduct DescriptionProductContentsPackage
240Almond baking pasteMM32 % almonds12 kg
241Hazelnut baking pasteNMK33 % hazelnuts12 kg
242Persipan baking pasteBP26 % apricot kernels12 kg

Organic Marzipan Almond- and Hazelnut-Paste

ItemProduct DescriptionProductContentsPackage
040Organic Marzipan almond paste (with cane sugar)M0 MM BIO*52 % almonds12,5 kg
042Organic Marzipan almond paste A (with cane sugar)M0 MM BIO A*52 % almonds5 x 1 kg
087Organic honey Marzipan almond pasteHONIG M0 BIO*52 % almonds12,5 kg
234Organic honey hazelnut pasteBIO HONIG NMSP52 % hazelnuts12,5 kg

* Lübecker Marzipan is a proteced geographical indication from the EU, so that finished products made
from it can be declared as ingredient with e. g. “Made of Lübecker Marzipan PGI”.