Lubeca almond and hazelnut preparations

Basis for delicate baked goods and confectionery

It is a raw material with the greatest versatility: Almond and hazelnut preparations are the high-quality and traditional basis for the praline, confectionery and long-life baked goods industries and can be found in all good bakeries and cake shops. The possible applications are wide-ranging and include, for example, florentines, nutcrackers, nut wedges, almond slivers, pralines, brittle, decorations for tarts and cakes, almond pretzels, bee sting cake toppings, almond and nut sponge cake bases, almond and nut gingerbread, almond speculaas , almond and hazelnut sprinkles, Christmas stollen, coated products and many other interesting product ideas.

Our range includes a wide selection of almond and hazelnut preparations, always freshly made in-house. We produce our flaked and slivered almonds using selected and carefully inspected Californian almonds of various sizes. For raw or shelled decorative almonds, we use the larger nuts (18/20 or 20/22) from either of the top varieties “Nonpareil” or “Carmel”. This size designation indicates how many almonds one American ounce (28.53 g) contains.

Our standard flaking thickness is just 0.45 mm. We also offer our customers other thicknesses on request.

We mainly use hazelnuts from Turkey and the Black Sea region to make our hazelnut preparations. For our flaked hazelnuts, we use only the best quality in the 13-15 mm size range, while our chopped hazelnuts are made by processing fully blanched goods. We offer different qualities and sizes – roasted and unroasted.